Finding the right visual isn’t always an easy job. That’s why we work with you in order to offer you a display that lives up to the height of your business. Once the visual is accepted, we will produce the banner and then we will move to the next step : the installation.


That we install your system and your banner on your building, in it, on a trailer or on our modular structures, the whole settles down effectively and in a short time to assure you to be seen as quickly as possible! Furthermore, you can rent the modular structures SMI, who assures you to be seen at the right time at the right place and to pay only only for your use! The perfect product for a smart and professional look during events and without ruining you!


Our system allows you to replace your banner at any time. Moreover, the banner can be reused in the future, so do not hesitate to change them at the rhythm of your advertising campaigns or the seasons!